"I know when I know nothing I will always know your name"

Might as well close out this crazy week with a couple of great love songs by a lovely couple, clearly doing what they were born to be doing. I love that both these songs refer to him as her “midnight ringer.” I love in the first video when the camera pulls back to include both of them and right around 1:40 she starts mouthing the words to what he is singing. Mostly, I just love how they sound together. May we all be so lucky to a) do work that expands our spirits rather than extinguishing them and 2) find another whose voice, in whatever form, blends beautifully with our own.

It’ll be a little slow here in Bloggytown this weekend as various subsets of our families roll in for SweetP’s institution as the 12th rector of this amazing and unique parish.  More news about all that after Sunday.  Remember to learn, laugh, and love, in whatever order works for you, or, if you prefer, all at once.  Peace out, homeslices. I’ll see you around you around you around…


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