"We’re going to keep this meeting short and stupid"

I used to work as a contractor for a US government agency, and one of my clients was always mangling colloquialisms.  I had a list that of them that ran for 3 pages, and this one (above) is one of my favorites.

One advantage of being a short-timer is my ability to keep already stupid meetings even shorter than they were originally planned by simply hanging up. 

You may wonder, why, having already been given the heave-ho, am I on these stupid meetings in the first place?  And all I can say is, that is a very good question, grasshoppah.  I’ll answer that in a future post when I have concocted the wittiest possible explanation. That way, you’ll be so entertained by my cleverness that it will distract you from my stupidity.  Hey, it’s a strategy that’s worked for me for 50 years, why stop now?


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