A great song

Sorry it’s been pretty light on the blogging lately.  Getting ready for my parents’ 160th birthday party is a lot of fun, but it means I don’t get here as much as I’d like.  That’s right, I’m blaming my 160-year-old parents for my lack of effort on my own blog.  Some things never change.

I don’t know when I’ll get back here for anything of substance, or silliness, over the next week.  Travelling to Missouri tomorrow at a ridiculously early hour, coming back next Thursday, then of course there’s the recovery from the jet lag, so that’s another week.  I’m kidding!

So to anyone out there who actually reads this, be well, read any of the blogs on the Blog Roll on the right side of this page, and know that I”m always thinking about what to write here, even when I don’t get here.  Ah’ll be bahck, as Ahnold Schwartzenegger said in that movie I never saw.

Here’s a fun fact.  I got a “Yes I’m coming to the party” email today from none other than the doctor who delivered me nearly 51 years ago.  How’s that for crazy?

Okay, I said I’d give you a great song and so I won’t make you wait any longer.  I have a not-so-secret love of the accordion, and an anything-but-secret love of Patty Griffin, so pretty much, this is heaven for me.  This song is why my blog is called “The Crooked Line.”  I live in fear that Elvis will come after me and make me change the name, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the connection between this blog and his great song:


4 responses to “A great song

  1. I may just have to stop reading this blog because the author has. what. never seen Terminator!!!! I’ll forgive you if you see Terminator 2, which had much better production values.

  2. Mary Ann McEvoy

    Travel safely and party responsibly. I look forward to your future blogs (what an awful word that is – or is it my old age?). It’s good to hear your voice.

    • Mary Ann, Blog is a bad word. Blogging is worse. Blogged is the worst. I’ll see if I can come up for another word for it. Probably, it will be revealed to me during an oxygen depriving fit of hysterical laughter. I’ll let you know.

      It’s good to hear your voice, too, lady.

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