I’m not dead — but I am in heaven

To the extent that I have contributed to the rumors of my blog’s death, or maybe even started them unintentionally, I apologize. Then again, leaving 20+ days between posts doesn’t help.

I do think that I’ll either have to adjust the kinds of pieces I post here, or I’ll have to post less frequently. Or, maybe if I tweak the content, I’ll be able to post more frequently. I’m still sorting that out, so hang in there if you can. Or maybe I could get around to finishing the four other posts that are sitting in various stages of draftiness. Or. Or. Or.


Meanwhile, you might as well know that I have found my coolest job ever (although, that summer of 1977 gig at the Poultry and Egg Institute of America was a complete hoot). When I was describing a project that I’ve been working on to a friend the other night she said, “Wow! So this is a day and night difference from your previous job, right?” I thought about it, and said, “No, it’s like the difference between heaven and hell.”

Here are some features of my particular heaven:

  • I’m halfway through my fourth week in this job, and I haven’t been told ONCE to use the words optimize, robust, or dynamic.
  • After spending much of my professional life frequently being the only woman (or one of a few women) in a room full of men, the vast majority of people in this office are women. Nothing against you dudes out there. I have worked with some terrific men over the years, but I’m here to tell you that being the only woman in the room is exhausting.
  • People wear nice clothes to work. We dress, well, like grown ups! At first this made me nervous, because no one would ever mistake me for a clothes horse, and I’ll never need a whole set of shelves just for my shoes. But I get a kick out of it. I’m still on the low end of the fashion spectrum, but it’s fancy enough for me. For now. Also, I haven’t seen anyone at the office wearing cargo shorts and sandals in the dead of the New England winter. I’m not a fashion snob, but I have SOME standards, and I do NOT miss that particular get-up one bit.
  • With few exceptions, the office empties out at 5. At 5:10 pm during my second week at work, the receptionist poked her head in my office and asked in complete seriousness, “You workin’ late tonight?” I nearly aspirated my tea.
  • I enjoy and admire my co-workers. They’re funny, smart, and almost unbelievably nice. Three different people have told me how glad they are that I’m there.
  • I love my work. I got to do an interview a couple of weeks ago that will have to be a post all on its own. Plus, I’m learning all sorts of things about different kinds of medical research that our staff are doing. Shoot, I’m practically a doctor!

So, on Groundhog Day of 2011, I really don’t care what Punxatawney Phil sees. He can stay in his den and continue to snooze for all I care. And record snowfall? Bring it on!

I. Love. My. Job.


14 responses to “I’m not dead — but I am in heaven

  1. You sure do know how to write and make a reader smile.

  2. Loving your job is one of the surest ways to love your life, isn’t it? Gratitude becomes….daily. How wonderful – truly – to read you’re so well! Thanks, bj

  3. Let me know when you get over being astonished that they’re paying you to do this. But don’t hold your breath — in a perfect-fit job like you’ve landed, it may never happen. YAHOO!!!!! (I had a few exclamation points left over from last year.) XOX, JO

  4. Missed you! It was so good to have a double shot of optimism this morning. But – now I’m thinking that my working wardrobe is looking shabby….

  5. You GO girl and don’t stop!

    Smile? Belly laugh!!

  6. very happy for you. and very happy for us, no matter how infrequent your posts must become. duty calls, right? love that you don’t have to hear what i recently read described as “jargon monoxide.”

  7. Oh, this made me smile, ear-to-ear. And I nearly aspirated my coffee when I read, “I’m halfway through my fourth week in this job, and I haven’t been told ONCE to use the words optimize, robust, or dynamic.” :)

  8. I recently received a work email which cheerfully announced “the team that will lead Industry Solutions Marketing and execute on our strategic imperatives to drive strategic investments aligned to validated growth plays, realize the frameworks and drive marketing, sales and delivery enablement in the geographies.”

    I simply cannot understand why reading (or writing!) that sentence does not make you as happy as your healthcare related work… :-)

  9. I spent 30 (I think about that many) years working in a job that I loved so much each day seemed a gift. Now, to know that you are in such a fine place with support and opportunity to learn makes my heart sing. So, I just sit here filled with gratitude and delight. We named you well.

  10. So that makes two of the women in your household who loves her job, right? More great news — Phil didn’t see his shadow, so he predicts an early spring!

  11. I celebrate daily in quiet meditation your rise to the surface of a cold and turbulent ocean of dread into the warm sunlight of hope in your new calling. Images abound of “Joybells, all dressed up,” cherishing her new vocational life, immersed in a warm and gentle sea of peers who buoy her up in work that heals and inspires human wellness and solidarity. Next time a hang-nail assaults me, I’m off to your establishment’s ER. Sounds like a delightful place to heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (new supply of exclamation marks.) I. LOVE. JOY.

  12. I’m just thrilled that you have found your bliss! I made a job change last April and have experienced the same kind of joy where I’m now employed. I have heard 10 times the number of “I’m so glad you came here to work”! than I did in my last 12 years of employment. What a blessing to love our work and to feel appreciated by one’s co-workers.

  13. I have missed you, but I’m so happy that your work is so fulfilling for you. How wonderful to have a passion for the work you do so that it doesn’t really seem like working at all. When you have time, write a few lines. I always enjoy the things you share.

  14. I’m happy for you beyond words. I am also dressed to the nines at the moment for “Respectable Wednesday,” a tradition started by some AmeriCorps in my awesome office. Though it makes our 10:30 push ups and sit ups break more difficult, I agree that dressing up is super fun sometimes. And I agree that writing interesting, meaningful stuff is awesome. And that you deserve this and then some: I just had this moment of thinking how ridiculously much fun it would be to work with you — of course everyone is glad you are there. As am I. Love and continued abundance to you. Love, Em

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