If not for love what are you for?

If Not for Love

Have you asked the wildest bird to change his song? It’s the only one he knows.
Have you tried to keep the river from the sea? Still that river flows.
If not for love what are you for?

We blow like weeds upon the wind, we hold the ground, we drink the rain.
We throw our seeds into the world before we go the way we came.
If not for love what are you for?

If there was only time enough for one last look, what would you see?
If there was only breath enough for one more word, what would it be?
If not for love what are you for?

© 2008 kris delmhorst/big bean music/ASCAP


4 responses to “If not for love what are you for?

  1. Thank you.

  2. Just home from a heart-breaking funeral of a 30-year-old mother-to-be who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in just these last 6 months. I was numb through the service, holding Dave’s hand (he knew her); this post was what broke my own heart again. Thank you.

  3. We lost a very loved friend today, and I came home to this very welcome post. Thank you. I was already carrying yesterday’s: as long as I live I got time.
    Our friend Steve had been ill for years, but had kept the illness at bay until the last few months. We have been neighbors and loved and truly cared for each other for over 40 years; all four of us (Steve and Susan, Frank and I) raised our sons together and have shared joy and sadness and ordinary things. “If not for love, what are you for” indeed. Thanks Joy. Thanks Brett.

  4. Reblogged this on The Crooked Line and commented:

    This. Still.

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