Psalm/Psong for April 1 – “Windows are Rolled Down” by Amos Lee

I haven’t followed Amos Lee’s career, which may surprise those of you who know my musical tastes. What can I say, I only have two ears and they’re relatively small.

I read about his new album “Mission Bell” when I was reading an interview with Lucinda Williams about her new record. She mentioned that she got a request from some guy named Amos Lee to sing on one of his new songs (“Clear Blue Eyes”). After she listened to his songs, she reportedly couldn’t wait to sing with him. Their voices are a good blend.

So, see, Amos Lee wasn’t even on Lucinda Williams’ radar! Granted, she’s probably a lot busier than I am, but I think I’ve earned a mulligan here. Amos, I’m sorry. Lucinda, thanks a million.

This was the first song that really grabbed me on “Mission Bell,” although “El Camino” (with Willie Nelson) and “Violin” are also great walking-home-from-the-bus songs. I love the line in this one: “My new-found faith and my broken heart.” That line could be a whole blog post on its own, given that I think that faith has no depth or texture whatsoever without a broken heart.  But you should see the 25-post pile-up in my Draft Post folder. Okay, now make that a 26-post pile-up in the Draft Post folder.

Lyrics for “Windows are Rolled Down”:

Look up child
The world is born
Shoe’s untied
And your soles are worn

Windows are rolled down
Sun is setting high
Windows are rolled down
I’m fixin’ to die

Corn rows have companion feel
This rocky road and this steering wheel
Who do you call to ease your pain
I hope for you to get through this rain

Windows are rolled down
Moon is hanging low
Windows are rolled down
Think it’s time for me to go hey-ay-ay-ay

Is it what you dreamed it’d be
Are you locked up in this fantasy
Oh these miles that have torn us apart
My new-found faith and my broken heart

Windows are rolled down
Sun is rising high
Windows are rolled down
Feel that wind rushing by hey-ay-ay-ay

Windows are rolled down


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