Psalm/Psong for April 6 – “I Want to Be with You Always” by The Majestic Silver Strings, with Patty Griffin

Yes, I’ve already covered the album by Buddy Miller’s Majestic Silver Strings in my Psalm/Psong cycle. However, this track features a different singer (the awesome Patty Griffin), so technically…oh never mind.

If you haven’t bought this record yet, you best do so. The studio version of this Lefty Frizzell classic psong is better than any live version I could find, although you don’t get to see Buddy’s antics. Life is all about trade-offs that way.

This video makes me want to learn how to play the accordion. And what better time to learn to play the accordion than when we still have two kids at home?! Might as well max out the embarrassment factor: if the fact that I’m alive doesn’t embarrass them, my accordion playing DEFINITELY will.

Lyrics for “I Want to Be with You Always”:

I lose my blues, honey, when I’m with you
No one else can do what you do
You’re in my heart to stay
And when I’m gone, and I’m all alone
I’ll be singing this song
I want to be with you, always.

I’d be happy, dear
If you could only be here
And always be near
Forever and a day
Then we’d travel far
To some big, shinin’ star
Just you and my guitar
And stay there sweethearts for always.

I hope you feel the same
You really want my name
You’ll be the one who’s to blame
If it works out wrong that day
‘Cause my love is true
My love is only for you
I’ll never be blue
If I can be with you, always.


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