Psalm/Psong for April 8 – “Yer Spring” by Hey Rosetta!

I had never heard of the band Hey Rosetta! until yesterday. The first time I heard this psong, my whole body burst into goosebumps when the singer asks “am i the knuckles white inside?/am i the water rushing in?” followed by the repetitious crescendo of “am i rising up?”

These weren’t your average every day goosebumps. These were the kinds of goosebumps that travel across the skin in layers and waves. They swooped up the curves of the backs of my knees, met at the base of my spine, shot out the top of my head, fell on my shoulders like sparks, and spiraled around my arms and fingers.

I can’t guarantee that if you listen to this psong, you’ll react in the same way. You may not even like this psong, but I bet there are psongs that you’ve never heard before that are just waiting to spangle you with goosebumps. Before Lent is over, I hope you find at least one such song.

I do so love music.

Lyrics to “Yer Spring”:

long we were searching
these serpentine streets for the signs of a spark
f***ing around in the dark
then long we were held
in the thrum and the desperate heat of the clubs
drinking deep from that cup

we’d drink it up [x4]

each step was something
the beat in the blood and the heat in our hands
of twelve regular men
so when we come down cathedral street
hollow and beaten, to the room that i rent
i’m going back up again

i’m going up [x5]

but while everything is blooming
you know the wilting always waits
to steal away your body, to steal away your brains
oh man i hate this part,
when the car sails off the bridge
am i the knuckles white inside?
or am i the water rushing in?

am i rising up? [x5]

singing:  silent night, holy night
take my eyes, take my mind and lay me down!
sweet winter kiss on these heavy lids!
sweet winter gift of dreamless sleep,
lay me down!
draw me out!

doctor unbandage my eyes
i feel the light and i’m ready to be out in it
doctor uncover my ears
I hear the chorus weeping, i see the people singing:
doctor unbandage my eyes
i feel the light and i’m ready to be rising!
doctor uncover my ears!
I hear the chorus weeping! i see the people singing:

let the loser up.
let’s get him up. [a bunch of times]


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