Psalm/Psong for April 15 – “Long Road Home” by Sheryl Crow

This album came out last year, but I only heard it a week ago. Sheryl Crow is an occasional guilty pleasure of mine. Her “100 Miles From Memphis” album is an interesting contrast to Cyndi Lauper’s “Memphis Blues” record, as it should be. Their voices and their personas are so different.

“100 Miles From Memphis” features some interesting cover tunes, including Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Sign Your Name,” with Justin Timberlake on harmony. I almost picked that one because it’s such a great song, but it’s not really a Psong, if you know what I mean. This psong is more appropriate for our purposes here. And what better time for the cautionary lyric “Songs of glory sung in hate/Only destroy what love has made” than just before Holy Week.

Lyrics for “Long Road Home”:

Teach me the golden rule
Make me a lovesick fool
In the light of day
Let sorrow drift away
Crown of thorns has many jewels

Songs of glory sung in hate
Only destroy what love has made
And if the Kingdom comes
Don’t wanna be the one
Who is standing in the way


Sure as the wind blows
Sure as the river flows
We will meet again
On the long road home

They say they’ve seen His face
They say He’s called their name
I have heard their lies
I’ve heard the people cry
Time has come, it’s gettin’ late

All the stories I have heard
Enlightened ones who walked the earth
They bring me sweet relief
Rid me of human grief
I am free from every hurt


Doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong
You hear Sylvester sing a simple song
What they’ve been sayin’ for, oh, so long:
Love and happiness is what’s goin’ on

(Wind blows)
(Rivers flow)
We will meet again
On the long road home


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