Correcting my scorecard

In an earlier post today, I likened what happened in North Carolina yesterday to a baseball player moving the runner over while making an out.

I’d like to correct my scorecard. Based on today’s news out of the White House this afternoon, I think we did more than that. I think we scored a run on that play.

The Internet has been aflutter all afternoon with people complaining about President Obama’s statement today in support of same-sex marriage. It’s too calculated, it’s too late, it’s distracting to the “real” issues that are plaguing our nation, it’s not enough, it’s a ploy to invigorate his base, it’s cynical.

Whatever. Some folks, when given the opportunity to see a glass half-full or half-empty, will maintain that we’re all out of glasses.

One small step, one giant leap

For me, watching the sitting president of the United States, who is a biracial man with an unusual name, come out in support of my equal rights — well, this is as riveting as the moon landing. I’ve watched the clips several times, with that same  combination of awe and disbelief that I had when I watched Neil Armstrong make his way down that ladder.

I still can’t believe I have lived long enough to see the kind of progress on queer civil rights that have happened in the past 15 years. I wish Maurice Sendak, who never came out to his parents, and who made a home with the same man for 50 years, had lived to see this day. I wish Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde and Matthew Shepard and Harvey Milk had lived to see this day.

My hope, my prayer, is that those of us who have the good fortune to live and love in these times will continue to live and love in ways that honor the mighty ones who came before us.

Thank you, President Obama.

Update at 9:56 pm Eastern Time: feel free to use the comments to add the names of friends or family of yours who you wish had lived to see this day. Thanks for the idea, Miss L.

14 responses to “Correcting my scorecard

  1. An acquaintance of mine spent this entire evening screaming “Opportunist!” and “Election-year politics!” and on and on about this on FB. I don’t care WHY he said it, I am just glad he did. Finally.
    And I’d add my friends Andy and Scott to your list of people I wish had lived long enough to see this day.
    As I always like to say, I don’t care who marries who, as long as no one tries to marry me. :P

  2. This is amazing, and I’m adding Brett and Michael and Alan.

  3. I’ll add Craig Claiborne.

  4. I wish Jon Tyree had seen this day. Can it be 19 years since he died? I still keep by my desk a photo from his final year. An artist, an athlete, a beautiful person, Jonny was.

  5. I’m a long-distance Red Sox fan, and loud-and-getting-louder straight ally, and I have LOVED your two posts today, both for their content and for their metaphor. My first thought, on hearing what the President said today, was of your blog this morning, and of “moving the runner”. I have to agree: score one run, at least. And I wish that so many beautiful souls who felt it necessary to hide their hearts during their lifetimes had lived to see this day, and the ones that will follow. Thank you for your wonderfully-worded chronicling of this time.

  6. I’d rather mention who I’m glad lived long enough to see this day: Pat & me, my mother, my sisters, my openly gay cousin Johnny and his family, all the budding queer kids who will be helped by this vote of confidence.

  7. I wish your grandma, Audrey, could have lived long enough to see this day. She loved equality and integrity, way down deep! I’m glad I lived long enough to celebrate this day, this event!

  8. Joy, I wish your grandmother Howard could have lived to see this day! I’m glad I did!

  9. But then, I repeat myself!

  10. Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde were perfect. I wish my friend Kevin Gessler who died of AIDS in 1996 could have seen this. I wish two friends of mine Nina Murphy and Alyson Swallen could have seen this too. One day we will have the recognized Consitutional right to marry. I hope I am alive to see that. XX

  11. Go, Barack!!! Added to all the other things about him I love, this one is a doozy! And if it pulls the rug out from under our former Gov, so much the better!!! My list of those for whom it’s too late pales beside the list for whom it is the right time.

  12. I know a couple of the Obama girls’ friends’ parents, and are they pleased!!

  13. I wish that my uncle, Deming S. Cross, Jr., had lived to see this.

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