I’m for this

[Update: New video added at the bottom. Thanks, Bruce, for the reminder of how much I love Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Ashes and Roses” album.]

This is the third year in a row I’ve posted this song for Valentine’s Day. I guess that makes it a tradition, or at least a thing. I look for other songs, but I always come back to this one.

For something more recent, there’s this. What’s not to love about a love song with the lyric “I ain’t no monkey but I know what I like”?:

Thanks to prompting from my friend Bruce’s comment, I found this video of the song that he mentioned, Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Jericho.” Now we have a complete trifecta of beauty.


17 responses to “I’m for this

  1. Joy, why was there an appalling and violent ad for Lego at the and of your blog?? And long, too! And why request for my email?

  2. Lego ad not there this time. Creepy.

    • Pat, I have no control over the ads that WordPress attaches to my blog. The only way to get rid of them is to pay WordPress some amount of money to remove all ads from my blog. The reason it asks for your email address is to keep spam comments to a minimum.

  3. Thought of you today while listening to Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song “Jericho” on her album Ashes and Roses:

    “You don’t know me yet

    knowing takes a long, long time

    and time is all we have

    never traveling in straight lines

    So memorize each turn and twist

    just be careful as you go

    for if love is a labyrinth

    then my heart is Jericho”

    • Bruce, that’s beautiful, and I’m honored that it made you think of me. I love the way that album mines heartbreak and finds so many treasures amidst the pain. Mary Chapin Carpenter is one of my favorite writers who happens to also have a gorgeous singing voice.

    • Bruce, you inspired me to look for, and find, a video of Mary Chapin Carpenter singing “Jericho” (see above). Thank you for making my day a whole lot better.

      • Ashes and Roses was my go to album today, for reasons not too hard to imagine. It kept me good company. Nice trifecta, thank you.
        So here is my Valentine offering:

        In the Garden

        at eighty-six
        all silver-haired
        he sits quietly in the garden
        one spring morning

        the shape and sound
        of a single word
        has delighted him
        for several minutes

        the woman he loves
        sets aside her own work
        to sit down beside him
        on the bench

        she takes his hand
        and he says, “empty”
        he means the final obstacle
        to clarity has given way

        and he sees his life
        as a whole
        as a pearl set in a ring
        on some wondrous hand

        and he sees his life
        as an increment
        in some transcendent

        maybe he will die that night
        or maybe he will wake again
        to see her smile
        on the pillow next to his

        the smile of this woman
        who holds his hand
        who has miraculously
        kept loving him

  4. Has anyone ever read the lyrics to “My Funny Valentine”. Some of those lyrics are horrid.
    “Your looks are laughable;
    “When you open it to speak;
    Are you smart? ”
    If I sung this to wife, she might slap me before I get to the,:
    “But don’t change a hair for me
    Not if you care for me
    Stay little valentine stay
    Each day is valentines day”

    • Billy, “My Funny Valentine” is supposed to be, you know, FUNNY! Keep in mind, it was written by an alcoholic and depressed queer man who hated being queer. Lorenz Hart was a brilliant songwriter, but a tortured human being.

  5. Man, oh man. “Jericho” just laid me out. Mary Chapin Carpenter and whoever plays the piano on that thing should get Purple Hearts for opening up enough to let something so soulful come through. What a perfectly structured lyric and hauntingly beautiful music, performed with such tenderness. I’m a puddle over here.

    You might like knowing, Valentine sis o’ mine, that my guitarist buddy Bill and I are playing a few tunes. We were working on “Wichita Lineman” for a while (still one of the most harmonically mystifying songs I’ve ever almost figured out), and now Bill wants to play “Buckets of Rain,” which should be a little easier, piano-wise. Yay Kris Delmhorst! And who knew the French deconstructivist Foucault played American folk music? I’ll always be partial to the Blood on the Tracks original, but I love the version you posted here.

    And you.

    • Jimsy, I’m thrilled to hear of your burgeoning music career. I knew you had it in you. As for puddling over “Jericho,” you’re not alone. The album that song is on (it’s the last song on the album, too, for maximum puddlage) is a gorgeous sonic and lyrical panorama of the beauty and heartbreak of endings of all kinds (informed by MCC’s divorce, near death experience, and I think the death of one of her parents figured in there, too). I highly recommend it. And I love you right back. With extra ferocity, on accounta how it’s Balentimes Day and all. xoxoxo

  6. Given the current situation I’m in, my pick for today is the legendary Cowboy “Jack” Clement song “Guess Things Happen That Way.” I twas a big hit for Johnny Cash back in the day, and it’s sort of an anti-Valentine, but not as much as Cowboy Jack’s “Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart.” Happy Day to all.

  7. rod of correction: That’s “it was”, not “I twas”. Oops.

  8. Joy, what a beautiful Valentine’s gift. Thank you. I can only offer you the hope of a delight and love filled day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Buckets of Rain – I had totally forgotten how much I love song! Man!

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