When pigs began to fly

This is what the United States Supreme Court will be ruling on today.

The Crooked Line

I’ve had a few of requests to re-post the video I made for PW last year when we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. While I’m at it, I’ll add some thoughts about the day itself, now that we’ve just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary (and more than 11 years of being together.)

1) Thanks to PW for marrying me. We tell each other this at least once a day, but it’s one of those things where the words seem really puny in comparison to the depth and breadth of my enormous awe.

2)  Thanks to Sheerah, Lulu, and GForce for continuing to hang in there while we take our wild ride through step-parenting. During the wedding ceremony, I made vows to Sheerah and Lulu, and PW made vows to GForce. These vows are every bit as important as the vows PW and I made to each other (PW’s and my…

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