Who, me?

My life is a crooked line.  I’m a quadruple threat: queer, pantheistic, preacher’s kid, clergy wife.  If you’ve read any of my posts here, you already know that one of my favorite activities is to connect seemingly disparate dots: Zambonis and prayers of confession, birthdays and prisons, astrology and bingo (okay, that one was connected for me.  Clearly I’m not above running with a set of disparate dots that have been connected by someone else.)

My wife PW and I have three daughters — Sheerah, Lulu, and GForce — which means we basically live in a girls’ dorm.  As you might imagine, there’s a lot to write about.  Some of it I will write about here.  Some of it I will keep to myself.  Ask me a question, I will tell you no lie, but I might make something up.

If you want to contact me, send an email to joyhowie [at] gmail [dot] com.  I read all my email.  Sometimes I even write back.


10 responses to “Who, me?

  1. And I love your great geology photo.

  2. Hi Joy. I know you from a distance. We went to school together at Truman. You may (?) know me better as, Lori Krokstrom, (I was a year behind you). I have been following your blog, and enjoy the musing thoughts you explore and write about. I always enjoy following blogs from creative minds. Keep up the great work. Lori.

    • Wow, Lori! A blast from the past. Of course I remember you! Thanks so much for following along. It’s a crazy journey, this life thing, and so nice to have good company along the way. All the best, Joy

  3. I hope Provincetown is wonderful and a true rest. The rose is beautiful but way less interesting than the cliff — especially as it comes from Cape Enrage! Did you make that one up?!

  4. “Ask me a question, I will tell you no lie, but I might make something up.” Dale took a class from a rug dealer in Watertown years ago, who said,”Rug dealers — they don’t lie exactly, but they tell you things.” And in both cases, I think it’s the truth in fiction that we’re after. The Crooked Line makes my day, my week — it always just hits the spot. And I don’t care a hoot about the facts, ma’am.

  5. Hey Joy,
    I don’t even think you’ll remember me, (think Michigan reunions) but I enjoyed reading your posts/articles. Quadruple threat? No, just incredibly blessed!

    • Kevin, I absolutely remember you and your parents and your brothers! It’s so great to hear from you after all this time. And of course, you’re right. I am incredibly blessed. You and your family are part of my tapestry of blessings.

  6. Beautiful essays, and we seem to be connected by many crooked lines.

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